landscape solutions that harmonize with nature

Meadows for ecological and human health

Comprehensive design process

Landscapes for homes, communities and schools

Resilient food and medicine systems

Pollinator-supportive gardens with native plants

Sustenance Design Creates Resilient Landscapes for Ecological + Human Health.

We offer Ecological Planning + Design, Therapeutic Garden Design, and Implementation Services.


Our clients are municipalities, schools, residences, mixed developments and community farms.


Our methods include techniques from permaculture, organic and biodynamic agriculture and holistic landscaping.

About Sustenance Design

Sustenance Design is one of the Southeast's leading ecological design firms. We have been designing resilient landscape ecosystems in Georgia for over a decade. Most of our client base is in the Atlanta area, but we work regionally within the Piedmont and Blue Ridge bio-regions.

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Get to know
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Lindsey Headshot

Lindsey Mann
Founder and Lead Designer

Lindsey’s passion for ecological/human health guides her to support people in creating productive, biodiverse landscapes for themselves and their communities. She has over ten years of practical experience in sustainable design and a graduate degree from UGA in landscape architecture, ecology and sustainable development. She is a LEED Accredited Professional, the national standard in green building practices.


Permaculture designers spend several months to a year learning the various aspects of sustainable land planning and implementation. They handle site inventory, base mapping, nursery visits, assisting with implementation and some details of running a small business.

We subcontract with a few landscape implementation teams to see that our designs are carried out with integrity.


Our Mission is to design and support healthy landscape ecosystems that engage people with nature.

We aim to restore the natural biodiversity of any given region, employing sustainable and creative practices. Beyond decorating buildings, landscapes can nourish humans and earth, providing sustenance.
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