We’ve Got Worms!

Recently a volunteer team at Sugar Creek Garden in Decatur, a subsidiary of the Wylde Center founded by Sustenance Design’s director,  built a worm bin. And it’s ready for your organic waste material!  Thanks to SD intern Ben Link for heading up this useful project and Dara Suchke for her help!!

Ben and Dara Build the Worm Bin at Sugar Creek

Located in the composting area, the worm bin will provide an optimal environment for our red wigglers, night crawlers, earthworms and others, so they can rapidly break down your vegetable and food waste into high quality compost material and worm castings (which can be used to make an excellent fertilizing liquid).  We’ve put a lid on top, as worms prefer dark spaces and recessed the bin into the ground to provide insulation to the worms from heat/ cold.  We left the bottom open to attract more worms and stabilized the sides with concrete blocks we found nearby.

The Worms Are Hungry!

If you have waste you’re ready to dump, please remember the tips below to assure everything goes well:

  • Our worms will eat all fruits and vegetables (including small amounts of citrus), vegetable and fruit peels and ends, coffee grounds and filters, tea bags, grains, eggshells, leaves and grass clippings (not sprayed with pesticides).
  • Place waste into a pile until it comes just above the cinder blocks. Start new piles next to the old pile.
  • Try not to dump fresh waste in areas that look like finished compost to make it easier to harvest. If there’s no room for your waste, there’s a regular compost pile next to the bin on the ground.
  • The worms enjoy a cool, damp environment, so it’s important to keep the bin covered. We put some cement board on top that was leftover from a building project

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  1. Marshall Hyatt says:

    Do you sell composting worms? If so, what is the smallest quantity you sell and for what price? thanks

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