School Gardens Division

Educational Gardens Division is Directed by Kyla Zaro-Moore

School gardens are an age-old tradition that is experiencing a nationwide resurgence.  School gardens nourish the bodies, minds and souls of students of all ages.  From growing food to enhancing cafeteria menus; from offering lessons in core subjects to providing inspiring places for reflection and observation of nature, school gardens serve as outdoor classrooms that engage all the senses.

Sustenance Design offers schools support for developing and maintaining their gardens and garden-based programs. Recognizing that each garden exists in a unique context, Sustenance will work with schools on an individual basis to meet their particular needs.

Services offered include: Garden design, installation, and/or maintenance for educational vegetable and wildlife gardens

  • Community design process
  • Curriculum development
  • Teacher training
  • Hands-on lessons for students
  • Capacity-building community workshops
  • Community meeting facilitation
  • Troubleshooting