New Schools at Carver, Edible Unity Garden, Atlanta GA, 2012


The Unity Garden was the result of a 6-month design and installation process, led by Sustenance Design, to bring students and teachers together from the four schools that make up NSC for a collaborative project. The courtyard shared by the schools had been repeatedly vandalized and was in poor shape. During the design process, participants identified landscape features that would be valuable to them and took ownership of the project. The courtyard includes: a rain harvest system capturing and filtering overland flow for irrigation, an orchard of fruit trees and herb production, raised beds for vegetables, a brick patio featuring stakeholder names, native plants and seating rocks. From inception of the design through implementation of the shared vision, school stakeholders brought the plan to life, and result was a great success for all the schools: an improved courtyard that was enjoyed and maintained by staff and students. To this day, incidents of vandalism in the courtyard have dramatically reduced, and students are found watering and eating the plants.

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