Live Rich: Grow Your Own

I’m trying to demonstrate to my sister- of a very different life path- the value of growing your own food.  Money talks, so I take that route.  I mention the luxurious, material things Im affording in my life that I enjoy…. planning an upcoming trip to Hawaii, a bunch of Jurlique biodynamic facial products, a new car (a guilty, necessary- yes- pleasure) our lovely home……  But how can you afford that?  I know how much you make as a small business owner (married to a self-employed yoga teacher) and that does not compute.  Todd and I did some basic figuring and we think we average saving several hundred dollars a month via our edible landscape- and that does not include double that amount of produce we give to friends.  That is significant to us.  Rosalind Creasy’s numbers figure $1000 a year can be saved from 100sf of vegetable garden.  So our 1/3 acre filling fast with veggies, fruits and medicine is on its way to matching my salary…. well, almost.  The point is:

Your edible landscape saves you money and increases your quality of life, manyfold.  Period.

I didnt yet address quality of life.  I cant.  Not while typing.  Come over!  We can walk in the garden together and let’s harvest a variety of tomato or lettuce you’ve never tasted (not available at any store), or blackberries right off the vine.   We can make an entire meal from produce we harvested that day!  How about roasted rosemary-garlic potatoes topped with goat cheese (Todd’s goat co-op) and paprika (yep- we make that too), and fried eggs paired with beet-carrot sauerkraut we made.  Feeling hungry?  There’s absolutely nothing that compares to the joyous mouth-watering satisfaction of eating a meal you grew and prepared yourself- and nothing that can describe it except the experience……  It fosters a sense of HOME:  well-being and nourishment; that warm home-fire is brewing.  It fosters love.  And gratitude in a big way.  And the material things that bring pleasure that dont cost much money- making my own rosewater to splash on my face when it’s hot.  I mentioned the food. (It’s worth a mention again.)  Gorgeous flowers that bring life to my bedside stand, from the garden.  Fragrances- lemon balm, lavender, mint, lemon balm!  Nasturtium, Creeping charlie (i know, it’s a “weed”)…… thyme!  Thyme flowers are in bloom now- fragrance and beauty!   I could go on…… but its really only the experience a garden can provide:  a simplicity that breeds real contentment and allows for a few luxuries to keep us a little lighter perhaps, a little less serious and more enjoyable…..

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