Conscious Design for Your Edible Landscape: Timing

Anytime is a good time to pursue a comprehensive landscape design for your home, farm, business, school, spiritual, or healing space. However, in keeping with natural patterns and the cycles of the seasons, winter and summer are choice times to begin the design process. This is because these months are followed by the optimal implementation and planting months of spring and fall. As we enter the heart and heat of summer, the time is ripe to embark upon the landscape design process.


Designing for a landscape is a beautiful process. At Sustenance Design, we work with you to articulate your ideas and goals for your space. We then analyze and assess your unique landscape, which guides our design process. We wish to illustrate for you the full potential of your landscape based on your goals and dreams.

Designing is a very conscious, sensitive, and intentional process. Drawing upon ecological principles, we design to mimic nature. In nature, diversity is not just a random collection of species. There is order and function to nature’s wild design. Each species works cooperatively to create stability in the natural system. We build on this by consciously selecting species which fill specific niches in the landscape, maintaining diversity in our plant selection, and companion planting. Enhancing ecosystem services on site is also a priority – whether capturing, storing or spreading water, composting and building soil health, supporting pollination and habitats of pollinators, and even building redundancy and resiliency to mitigate against the impacts of climate change. Through the inspiration of nature, our designs naturally result in highly productive systems which are beautiful, edible and sustainable.

The design process also influences healthy interactions between people and their landscapes. Whether homeowners, farmers, faculty, staff, students, patients, visitors or volunteers actively engaging in and learning from the design process, implementation and management of our landscapes is important in developing a deep connection to our place and space. Through the restoration and care of our landscapes comes a greater awareness and responsibility for caring for our shared home: planet Earth.


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