Sugar Creek Garden broke ground!

Its true.  My urban farm dream in Decatur GA has become a reality.  After 3 years of planning, community outreach and refining the vision, we broke ground on April 3 2010 with 15 hard-working volunteers.   We turned the first layers of meadow under in the double-dig style, just after an early morning biodynamic application of Field and Garden spray that aids in decomposition and formation of humus.  We finished the beds with a thick mulch of decaying leaves.

The garden is to become a demonstration urban food garden.  A space for learning and growing, the garden will host beds for annual vegetables, culinary and medicinal herbs, fruiting trees, shrubs and brambles of all kinds and pollinator flowers in abundance!  The aim is self-sufficiency- to learn in the city how to produce our own food and medicine, care for our basic needs.  My husband and I have begun to experience the richness from living this way- it feels sustainable, connected, healthy. and tastes good!  Its also cheaper, we are more empowered and autonomous.  When I catch a cold, instead of running to the doctor, Todd uproots some echinacea from the front yard, chops and makes fresh, hot immune-supporting tea.   We regularly enjoy the pleasure of eating from our garden- simple, seasonal, home-cooked meals are hard to beat.

Im so grateful to the volunteers who are helping to make this dream a reality, and to the Oakhurst Community Garden Project who is hosting the Sugar Creek Garden as their newest offspring....  come see the progress!

Sugar Creek Garden is located in Oakhurst, Decatur GA 30030.  At the intersection of Second Ave and East Lake, the garden is best accessed from the Oakhurst Pres Church drive off of E Lake, across from the dog park.  Follow the drive down and to the back...into the garden!

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