Dig a Row (or two) for the Hungry

This adorable collage, featuring a workday at Sugar Creek Garden (the urban farm I manage), was created by Pattie Baker.  Pattie brought a group from the Dunwoody Community Garden’s Team Food Pantry to help us out this February by double-digging a new vegetable bed.  This bed, 110 square feet, will produce food that will be donated regularly to the United Methodist Children’s Home in Decatur.  Specifically, young adults in a transitional living program will receive the produce and prepare it for themselves.  I hope they know how to use it!  Not everyone these days knows what to do with fresh veggies.  I am hoping to connect the UMCH with the Oakhurst Community Garden Project to work with the young adults who are interested in learning to eat healthily and perhaps learn more about where their food comes from. The OCGP teaches hands-on workshops to all ages and with great success teaches children to eat fresh veggies(!)  They are so much more likely to do so if they’ve been involved in growing food themselves.  Yet another reason gardens in schools are so critical.

Im grateful to have the opportunity to share in the abundance of organic food we produce at Sugar Creek with people who might otherwise not have access to such good quality fresh food.  Read more about this program of digging two rows for the hungry on Sustainable Pattie’s excellent blog.

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