Chattahoochee Hills Charter School: Ecological Master Plan and Implementing

We're so excited to begin implementing our Ecological Master Plan for the charter school in Chattahoochee Hills!

It's a progressive school board, so we could get really creative with visioning this project.  We included things like a native and medicinal forest garden, a permaculture orchard and farm for the school cafeteria, and themed, individual classroom gardens.  Of course, native Piedmont ecosystem restoration is a primary focus!  For implementing, we'll be starting with a bioretention wetland that captures and infiltrates the water from all 11 acres.  This will be seeded with native seed mixes (think beautiful, seasonal grasses and flowering perennials for pollinators) and live stakes of native shrubs like willows, itea, elderberry, buttonbush.  A living wetland to support native wildlife and host nature studies for classes. The first phase will also include a Woodland Walk which hosts the main pathways between classroom buildings and the buildings themselves- a mix of native shade trees (Hickory, Oak, Sycamore) and understory trees shrubs (Sweetbay Magnolia, Yellowwood, Eastern Red Cedar) and pollinator – supporting perennials and grasses (custom blends).  Filled with gratitude for this amazing project!


2 Responses

  1. Deanna C. Moss
    This is so exciting and promising! Where is this located?
    • Lindsey Mann
      Thanks! It's located about an hour southwest of Atlanta in Palmetto, GA- the city of Chattahoochee Hills, technically.