Lithopuncture project with Marko Pogacnik 2010

We met just outside of Louisville again at Foxhollow Farm to carve what is the first public installation of Marko Pogacnik's lithopuncture in North America.  Very exciting.  We are the first graduates of the North American School of Geomancy, guided by Marko and his daugher Ana Pogacnik, who have 10s or possibly 100s of thousands of students all over the globe doing this work.  We are a family, a network in support of the new energy of the earth- which is a long story.....

Let's focus on lithopuncture.  Best described as acupuncture for the earth. It is a collaboration with the energy of nature, where we practice Geomancy to tune into the spiritual or energetic impulses of the landscape.  In "reading" or connecting with the landscape, we usually discover there is some discord between what humans are doing and the optimal functioning of the place.  That is, the soul of the place is not heard or recognized, and human life is buzzing around on the surface, disconnected.  Im trying to think of a good analogy.....  Its like receiving a new i-phone, not understanding what you have, and using it as a coaster.  Maybe?  anyway.  We then, inspired by impulses from connecting with the landscape, create images, called cosmograms, that speak to the harmony of the place.  We carve them into stone and site them on the earth in a locale where they resonate the best!

I can tell you, from personal experience, being in a landscape that is in co-creative partnership, where human intentions are aligned with the deeper qualities of the place, is a healing, inspiring, transformative and deeply spritual experience.  Being in lithopuncture circles like this have allowed me to understand the vast potential that is available to us when we co-create.  It is a sharp, stark contrast to current human status-quo.  Really, I can say that the practice of Geomancy in general (in the method of the Pogacniks) has allowed me to see and experience this type of incredible connection to the landscape.  People- we have not scratched the surface.  We are running around like headless chickens with loose umbilical cords that are missing their connection from the source.  Im coming to understand that the earth-cosmos as Marko calls it, is an intelligent whole that informs our beingness and calls us to action- its just that most of us miss the call.  Its a global-cultural problem, really.

I find that every time I try to "explain" or even relate a piece of geomancy- it is so large- I find myself wading in these enormous existentialist concepts.  Really, the deeper experience of the earth and the landscape, the original expressions of a place, is the only way to understand- to experience it directly.  I can talk circles around it all day, but there's no concept for it in our patriarchal, material language.

So, with that said, I entreat you to visit the stone circles and see for yourself!  The first carving we did in 2008, located at Foxhollow Farm- a biodynamic farm centered amidst 14,000 acres of beautiful Kentucky rolling hills in protected family land.  This circle has become fully grounded and active and is functioning to support human-earth relationship on a global level, according to Marko.  Pocgacnik has groups carve around the globe, and all of the circles, though with different purposes, have a connection to each other.  Those living around the stones, such as Janey Newtown, owner of Foxhollow, have experienced tremendous shifts in the quality of their lives, especially on a spiritual level.  The first installation is on Newton's land but she opens to visitors who want to experience the place.  There is a farm center and a retreat center with trails around the gorgeous property.

The second installation, carved and installed in August 2010 (photos above, video by Andrea Lyman below), is centered amidst a "New Urbanist" housing development and its intent is to harmonize the development with the landscape.  So often, even in these 'green' or so-called sustainable developments, we are not interfacing with the earth as a being, or the beings of the landscape and it does cause harm to ourselves and the environment.  True sustainability includes nature- not just material nature but nature's consciousness- in the design and development of human enterprises.

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  1. Greetings Anna and Marko, I hope you are both doing very well. For the past two years, I have promoted Marko's work and shared philosophies on my blog. I would like to do more to promote Marko's work. Ultimately, I would like to do a filmed interview of Marko and his trainees' work, but that will come when I have the wherewithall to travel to Slovenia. Could you let me know?