Eco-Learning Garden at Drew Charter, GA Gardening Magazine, Oct 2013

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Decatur Garden Tour 2013 features edible gardens

Two of our edible gardens in Decatur are featured in this year’s tour!  Both gardens host stone YardFarm style raised beds, fruiting plants, herbs and some medicinals.  One fouces on wildlife planting for the homeowners’ interest in bird watching.  Another hosts a diversity of native flowering perennials for beauty and pollinators.  Photos below.  For more information or tickets see Garden... read more

Eco-learning garden at Drew Charter School

Recently implemented, the learning garden at the progressive Drew Charter School in the East Lake neighborhood of Atlanta will provide opportunities for students to learn about sustainability, biodiversity, ecosystem function in every sesason.  The garden is located in the central courtyard of the school. Features of the learning garden include: (PHOTOS BELOW of meadow installation) - a rain harvest... read more

The Great value of urban meadows

I am seriously impassioned by meadows; they are currently my most favorite landscape solution.  Meadows are gorgeous (think variety of textures and colors) and low-maintenance.  Drought tolerant and only mowed once a year, meadows are The Lawn Alternative of the present and future.  If open space is desired, some meadows can be cut short to mimic lawns, but left to flower and seed, meadows are at... read more

Understanding Earth Changes- Spring 2013

I practice Geomancy to understand the larger context of our evolutionary purposes here on planet Earth.  Our relationship with the landscape is meant to be multi-dimensional, and fundamental to our mission here at Sustenance is to encourage a deeper relationship with one’s environment.  Whether its tending to food, observing wildlife or lying on your back in the sun, engaging with the landscape... read more
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