It was my pleasure to work with Lindsey for more than two years when she was the garden manager at Sugar Creek Garden. At SCG, Lindsey did an impressive job of organizing a combination of local groups and neighbors to produce a diversity of vegetables, flowers and medicinal plants. Lindsey’s knowledge, leadership style and teaching skills made volunteering at the garden something that I looked forward to. It was a place where I met like minded people in the community, had a lot of fun, learned much, and shared in a bountiful harvest of local grown, organic and biodynamic produce. Today I feel much gratitude toward Lindsey for igniting my interest in gardening which has led to starting a front yard vegetable garden at my own home.

Katrina Bergbauer,

Working with Lindsey Mann was a joy at Sugar Creek Garden. Not only does she have incredible expertise in organic and biodynamic gardening, but she is easy to work with and open to new knowledge. Her commitment to the garden and the community around it was evident in the growth and beauty of both.

Jill Dimond,

I have known and worked with Lindsey for three years, and have deep respect for her as an edible landscape designer, an intuitive gardener, and a businesswoman with integrity and ingenuity. Lindsey’s company, Sustenance Design, was one of the first landscape companies in metro Atlanta to focus on edible landscapes, and she is the go-to person for many of us new to edible gardening, like myself. I met Lindsey through her work managing Sugar Creek Garden, a community garden focused on urban agriculture. I was drawn to Sugar Creek Garden particularly because of Lindsey’s intentions to incorporate the principles of biodynamics and geomancy into the garden’s design. As a volunteer who worked under Lindsey’s guidance for two years, I can say that Lindsey is an excellent project manager who has a definitive, long-term vision for the landscapes she designs. From her, I was also able to gain a deeper understanding of how to feel and work with the guidance of nature in the garden. I have recently succeeded Lindsey as manager of Sugar Creek Garden, and have been able to experience the strong foundation Lindsey laid in the design of Sugar Creek Garden; now that the garden is coming into its 3rd year, the medicinal, edible, and native perennials that Lindsey has established on the property are coming into their prime and truly establishing themselves on this land that had previously been an overgrown floodplain. I am grateful for the strong foundation Lindsey laid for this garden. I have also had the opportunity to work on a few projects with Sustenance Design, and I have appreciated witnessing the innovative designs coming into fruition (e.g. Drew Charter Middle School Garden and Courtyard) as well as her professionalism and integrity in dealing with clients. It is a pleasure to know and work with Lindsey Mann, and I highly recommend her as a landscape designer who is unique in her abilities to tap into the subtle energies of the landscape she works with in order to create designs that resonate deeply with both the client and the land itself.

Dara Suchke, Sugar Creek Garden

I had the pleasure of learning and working with Lindsey Mann [of Sustenance Design] over a multi-year period. She brought her creativity and ingenuity to Burgess Peterson Academy’s Organic Garden in Atlanta Public Schools. She trained and inspired the staff at BPA to integrate sustainability, healthy eating and general wellness into their daily classroom activities and lessons. Lindsey challenged limitations and set new bars for excellence. She was a great force in helping BPA become what it is today in such a short time.

Adam Waterson, Lead Garden Volunteer, Burgess Peterson Academy, Sept 2011