Geomancy is a process of attunement to multi-dimensionality of the landscape

In our culture, we tend to think of ourselves as separate from the environment.  We also tend to see our environment as purely physical, even though we now recognize ourselves as multi-layered: with emotional, mental and spiritual awareness.  Geomancy invites us to see ourselves as part of the earth whole and the whole of earth existing as multi-dimensional.  Geomancy teaches us a method and a language with which we relate to the multi-dimensional world.  Simply, Geomancy is learning the language of the Earth.  Specifically, we learn to recognize and even communicate with various aspects of Earth's consciousness, such as the elements, known as 'elemental consciousness' or 'beings,' or sense Earth energy systems that have different functions.  People speak of 'power points' or 'vortices', and Geomancy identifies these sites and also how they function qualitatively, each site being unique.
Even modern science (especially quantum physics) now tells us that what we perceive as solid is actually dense energy- vibrating so fast it is perceived by us to be solid. Energy is everywhere, comprises everything seen and unseen (even space is now known to be energy), and energy differs qualitatively. We can choose to organize our lives, create and build our structures based on information from the existing energetic grid- informed by the consciousness of nature.  This is a more efficient and harmonic process than simply applying one's mental projections to the landscape, as is common in conventional architectural practice.

How this relates to your landscape

Exploring and defining energy in the landscape qualitatively helps us to realize the most harmonious site development plan, identifies potential problems before they arise, aids in efficiency, and deepens our understanding and connection with the landscape.  We can do a Geomantic analysis for your landscape to help inform design and invite you to perceive the landscape in this way.

Methods of Practice

The work of Machaelle Small Wright of Perelandra has very useful framework for practically approaching and working with the consciousness of nature.  We use several of the Perelandra processes as foundations of approaching a nature- human partnership.

We practice Geomancy in the tradition of Marko Pogacnik and Ana Pogacnik.  They have initiated a global movement to remember the lost art of Geomancy, the Earth's language.  With close to 100,000 students worldwide, known as LifeNet, we are recovering our innate ability to communicate with nature.  Enriching and rewarding work, we are part of a mass transformation in human consciousness to awaken to the divinity of the earth and human potential beyond our current conceptions.  View a piece relating to Geomancy by Marko, below:

Marko Pogačnik - discourse on Geaculture" Earths is consciousness first of all " - Dec/2009 14 min from Bojan Brecelj on Vimeo.

From the North American School of Geomancy, we learn to sensitize our bodies as instruments of perceiving and to read our intuition.  With the feedback gained from group process, we effectively learn to trust our inter knowing and that each of us perceives a (usually small) piece of the whole picture.  And we are each perceiving through our own lens, and in that way the art of perception is a co-creation, not an objective science.   For purposes of comprehension, we can divide the energetic landscape into two categories:

  1. Energy centers- exist as 'vortexes' or places in the landscape that energetically serve particular functions, much like physical organs or chakras in the human body.  Ley lines and where they cross fall into this category.
  2. Manifestations of consciousness- we use the Western traditional language of devas, angelic presence, and elementals. Elemental 'beings' are soul entities or consciousness of the earth's elements: earth, water, fire, air. I have never met an elemental being of space. I have met one responsible for effects of plastic, surprisingly, which lead me to conclude the elemental kingdom is much larger than has been documented.  An Angelic focus is a place we find that the ‘oceanic consciousness known as angels’ is concentrated in relationship to earth, according to Ana Pogacnik. Every human being has innate ability to connect with such spiritual forces; it is a matter of purity of intent and an ability to function outside of the rational mind.

For more information, visit the North American School of Geomancy or the websites of Marko and Ana Pogacnik linked above.