About Us

Sustenance Design

Sustenance Design was founded in 2006 as the Atlanta area’s first edible landscape design company, with cutting edge practices in landscape sustainability.  We are a team with diverse talents that intersect in a love for the earth and a desire to recreate human relationship to nature, towards sustainability, health and peace.

Together, our team credentials include: masters degrees in landscape architecture, agriculture and ecology, certified Permaculture design, LEED AP (the national green building standard), and Geomancy practitioners, earth energy healers who works towards balance in the landscape.  Our implementation team (in partnership with Greenspace Innovations) has over fifteen years of experience and excellence in customer service.

Lindsey E Mann, Founder and Lead Designer

Lindsey’s passion for ecological/human health guides her to support people in creating productive, biodiverse gardens for themselves and their communities.  She has over ten years experience in sustainable design, including a graduate degree from UGA in  landscape architecture and agro-ecology.  She is a LEED Accredited Professional, the national standard in green building practices.  Lindsey’s holisitic approach to sustainability is informed by her ongoing studies in Ayurveda and Yoga.  She was certified as a Yoga teacher in 2002 and studied with the spiritual head of the Wise Earth School of Ayurveda, Maya Tiwari, for 4 years.  Lindsey is a graduate of the first North American School of Geomancy founded by Marko and Ana Pogacnik and continues regular explorations in geomancy locally and abroad.

Sumayya Allen, Permaculture Designer

sumayyaSumayya is a certified permaculture designer, an urban agriculturalist, and educator working to design, implement and support regenerative agro-ecosystems.  Her commitment to growing healthy soils, foods, and communities has benefited the Atlanta community through her work at The Wylde Center, Truly Living Well’s Center for Natural Urban Agriculture, Global Growers Network, Gaia Gardens, Risala Gardens and Emory University’s educational gardens. Sumayya has contributed to Atlanta’s urban agriculture movement in various capacities including farming, nonprofit business management, volunteer organization, writing and blogging, and nutrition and urban garden education for K-12, university students and senior citizens. As a permaculture designer, Sumayya applies ecological principles in the conscious design of diverse, resilient, productive and beautiful landscapes. She studied ecology at Emory, where she earned her B.S. in Environmental Science.


We subcontract various landscape implementation teams to see that our designs are carried out with integrity.

Interns with permaculture design training spend several months to a year learning the various aspects of sustainable land planning and implementation.  They handle site inventory, base mapping, nursery visits, assisting with implementation and some details of running a small business.