Two new services

Sustenance Design is happy to announce two new services for fall 2011.  Contact us if you are interested.

Stewardship (maintenance) program for organic garden help. Need help planting your fall garden? Jordan and Mark are hard workers with Permaculture certificates and knowledge about organic gardening. They are available on a regular basis or on-demand for weeding, mulching, harvesting or troubleshooting pest problems or other issues. They work with me to make recommendations best suited to the long term health of your garden.  Rate is $60/ hr for a team of two with a two hour minimum.

Biodynamic Preparation sprays support overall health, vitality and disease resistance of your garden, as well as improve the nutrition content of your food.  Read about Biodynamics here.  We are offering an annual contract, which includes the materials (preparations), stirring/activating and applying the preparation to your whole property.  6-10 applications per year, $500 flat rate.

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